My Side Projects

  • Martellone Alexa Skill

    Amazon Alexa Skill created as a tribute to the mythological Nando Martellone, character of the TV Show Boris.

    Martellone Alexa Skill logo
    • Alexa skill
    • AWS
    • Lambda
    • Serverless
  • ZoomMEME

    Super simple zoom-in meme generator. Drag and drop an image and then create your meme.

    PWA (Progressive Web App) powered by pure and sweet Vanilla Javascript.

    ZoomMEME logo
    • PWA
    • Vanilla JS
    • Webpack
    • Jest
  • Audible RSS

    Get an RSS feed of the latest audiobook relases on Audible.

    RSS Feed powered by Node/Express, created scraping Audible website.

    Audible RSS logo
    • Node
    • Express
    • React
    • Web Scraping
  • Should I listen it

    Little webapp that shows you the most played songs by an artist in the last two years of gigs.

    Node.js app that proxies external APIs (, Spotify and Songkick) and mashes them up to set you up for your next Gig.

    Should I listen it logo
    • Node
    • API
    • Spotify API
    • Songkick API
    • Functional Programming
  • Shazamify (a.k.a. Zamify

    Shazamify allows you to play your Shazams in Spotify, directly from the browser, by adding a small Spotify icon to every Shazam track page.

    Chrome Extension powered by Spotify OAuth and Web API.

    Shazamify (a.k.a. Zamify logo
    • Chrome Extension
    • Spotify OAuth
    • Spotify API
  • Deliverance Improved

    Little Node/Angular webapp that scraps the original website menu of and it shows it in a more functional way.It adds the possibility to filter, order and search in the menu.

    Deliverance Improved logo
    • Node
    • Angular JS
    • Web Scraping
    • Bootstrap
    • Heroku
  • Gulp Blacklist Marker

    Chrome Extension that marks blacklisted gulp modules when browsing NPM and GitHub.

    Gulp Blacklist Marker logo
    • Chrome Extension
    • Gulp
    • NPM
  • Sproxify

    Sproxify intercepts Spotify links and let you choose where to play them. Through a fancy-looking button, Sproxify redirects you in the desiderated environment where you can finally play your music.Just where you want!

    Sproxify logo
    • Chrome Extension
    • User Script
  • Pizza Club

    Static site generated by Gatsby and hosted as GitHub Page where I collect all the pizzas that I enjoyed around the World.(work in progress)

    Pizza Club logo
    • Gatsby
    • React
    • GitHub Pages
  • POMOfy - deprecated

    POMOfy introduces the productivity of the Pomodoro Technique in Spotify. Basically a Spotify app that allows you to use songs as timer for the Pomodoro.

    POMOfy - deprecated logo
    • Spotify App