My Side Projects

  • Martellone Alexa Skill

    Amazon Alexa Skill created as a tribute to the mythological Nando Martellone, character of the TV Show Boris.

    Martellone Alexa Skill logo
    • Alexa skill
    • AWS
    • Lambda
    • Serverless
  • ZoomMEME

    Super simple zoom-in meme generator. Drag and drop an image and then create your meme.

    PWA (Progressive Web App) powered by pure and sweet Vanilla Javascript.

    ZoomMEME logo
    • PWA
    • Vanilla JS
    • Webpack
    • Jest
  • Audible RSS

    Get an RSS feed of the latest audiobook relases on Audible.

    RSS Feed powered by Node/Express, created scraping Audible website.

    Audible RSS logo
    • Node
    • Express
    • React
    • Web Scraping
  • GigPlayList

    Create a playlist with the most probable songs that are going to be played to a given artist gig.

    Next.js app that proxies external APIs (, Spotify and Songkick), mashes them up and creates a Spotify playlist for you.

    GigPlayList logo
    • Next.js
    • 3rd party APIs
    • Spotify Auth
    • Vercel CI/CD
  • Shazamify (a.k.a. Zamify) - deprecated

    Shazamify allows you to play your Shazams in Spotify, directly from the browser, by adding a small Spotify icon to every Shazam track page.

    Chrome Extension powered by Spotify OAuth and Web API.

    Unfortunately, it has been deprecated as google keep suspending it for copyright infrangement -.-

    Shazamify (a.k.a. Zamify) - deprecated logo
    • Chrome Extension
    • Spotify OAuth
    • Spotify API
  • Deliverance Improved

    Little Node/Angular webapp that scraps the original website menu of and it shows it in a more functional way.It adds the possibility to filter, order and search in the menu.

    Deliverance Improved logo
    • Node
    • Angular JS
    • Web Scraping
    • Bootstrap
    • Heroku
  • Gulp Blacklist Marker

    Chrome Extension that marks blacklisted gulp modules when browsing NPM and GitHub.

    Gulp Blacklist Marker logo
    • Chrome Extension
    • Gulp
    • NPM
  • Pizza Club

    Static site generated by Gatsby and hosted as GitHub Page where I collect all the pizzas that I enjoyed around the World.(work in progress)

    Pizza Club logo
    • Gatsby
    • React
    • GitHub Pages
  • Sproxify - deprecated

    Sproxify intercepts Spotify links and let you choose where to play them. Through a fancy-looking button, Sproxify redirects you in the desiderated environment where you can finally play your music.Just where you want!

    Sproxify - deprecated logo
    • Chrome Extension
    • User Script
  • POMOfy - deprecated

    POMOfy introduces the productivity of the Pomodoro Technique in Spotify. Basically a Spotify app that allows you to use songs as timer for the Pomodoro.

    POMOfy - deprecated logo
    • Spotify App