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Luca Lischettia.k.a. sirLiskoSenior Software Engineer



  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • React
  • Node
  • NextJS
  • Markup/CSS
  • Full Stack Architecture
  • CI & CD
  • GitHub Actions
  • Functional Testing


  • Agile / Scrum
  • Redux
  • GraphQL
  • Styled-Components
  • Webpack
  • Gatsby
  • Astro
  • JAM stack
  • Chrome Extensions
  • Bash Scripting
  • User Scripting
  • Web Scraping


YLD05.21 - now

Developing a NextJS application, orchestrating and maintaining a RESTful service for seamless data integration from various sources.

Standardised and modernised codebase, enhancing accessibility, and fortified the test stack.

Building pipelines with GitHub Actions and deploying to Azure for seamless CI/CD.

Hackney CouncilMultiple Tenures (11.19 ~ 05.21)

Developed new services utilizing React/NextJS, lambda functions deployed on AWS.

Contributed to internal Component Libraries, mentored junior developers, and shared knowledge.

Revamped the Hackney website using JAM stack (Gatsby, WP, Netlify), emphasizing React best practices and implementing robust testing strategies. Improved CI/CD.

uSwitch / RVU01.20 - 03.20

Enhanced internal tools using React/Redux-Saga, elevating code quality and User Experience.

Contributed to the internal UI/component library.

Architecture Consultant09.19 - 11.19

Initiated a NextJS (Typescript) project with Apollo (FE/BE) and GraphQL Gateway, integrating REST API (internal and 3rd party) alongside WordPress data.

Kalo04.19 - 06.19

Overhauled Front End, focusing on a common UI library, and architected a FE Monorepo.

Optimized performance and Dev experience.

Reason09.18 - 12.18

Developed from scratch a new service for a client utilizing React/Redux and Node for API proxy.

Verve05.17 - 07.18

Enhanced check-out experience with React/Redux, Relay, GraphQL, and integrated 3rd party payment methods (Stripe and Braintree).

Contributed to the internal component library and improved testing strategies.

Worked with the design team to improve the UI/UX.

Previous experiences:

Shazam (~5 years), YOOX Net-a-Porter (>1 year), Pobble (>1 year). Full details on LinkedIn.

Once upon a time...

I had the pleasure to work also with Python, Java, Scala, PHP, MySQL, C++, Ruby on Rails. While not an expert in these languages, I enjoy exploring various technologies in my free time :)

Side Projects


Web companion to track visited countries, a React app powered by Firebase with Styled-Components and a handcrafted World Map SVG.

The project is still Work in Progress :)


Webapp displaying an artist's most played songs in recent gigs. Next.js app with, Spotify, and Songkick APIs, creating Spotify playlists.

To see a full list of my side projects go to


Degree in Computer Science @ Università degli studi dell'Insubria & Universidad de Salamanca.

Thesis on Assistive Technology -


Co-helded a workshop on TDD in Javascript @ Università di Cesena.

Volunteer & collaborator at Front-End Conference - From The Front.

Cisco CCNA cetificate (Cisco Certified Network Associate).

Trained as Fire Marshal.