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Luca Lischetti a.k.a. sirLisko Senior Software Engineer



  • Javascript
  • Node.JS
  • Markup/CSS
  • Front End Architecture
  • FE Build & CI
  • TDD
  • Functional Testing


  • Agile / Scrum
  • Git
  • RegEX
  • NPM
  • Browserify
  • Gulp / Grunt
  • Bower
  • Chrome Extensions
  • Bash Scripting
  • User Scripting
  • Web Scraping


Frontend Engineer@ Pobble Education

June 2016 - Now

Rewrote the whole Front End architecture following the Angular.js (v1.x) best practises. Pushed for the modularisation of the actual codebase and wrote the new sections using components.

Decoupled the FE from Rails. Introduced a Front End build system. Defined a code style guide. Externalised the 3rd party dependencies. Introduced a JS error catcher. Introduced unit/acceptance test frameworks.

Senior Software Engineer@ Shazam Entertainment

October 2011 - May 2016

Mainly involved in the development of the website ( Co-operated in the realisation of a modular architecture of the Front End (AMD, BEM) and its build system (Node.js and Gulp).

Developed a custom solution for running acceptance tests (based in Node.js using Nightwatch.js).

Extras: worked on an automation tool for the upload of the charts. Localised the website in Italian and Spanish.

Trivial: worked on a little Angular/Node web app to make easier to choose what order for lunch :)

Web Developer (Consultant)@ YOOX Group

September 2010 - October 2011

Mainly involved in JavaScript stuff, especially Test Driven Development (TDD), unit and functional testing, continuous integration and build automation. Here I had the possibility to work on huge e-commerce web site and to be involved in the main fields of the front end developing.

Projecting and developing a targeted javascript framework. Working on automation of the build process using build machines. Interfacing using public and private APIs. Creation of templates (HTML/XSL and CSS).

Once upon a time...

In my past I had the pleasure to work also with Java, Scala, PHP, MySQL, C++, Ruby on Rails. I don't consider myself an expert on those languages but I like, especially in my freetime, playing with other techologies :)

Side Projects

Should I listen it?

Little webapp that shows you the most played songs by an artist in the last two years of gig. It's a Node.js project that proxies external APIs and mashes them up to set you up for your next Gig. Backend in Node.js and interaction with serveral APIs (, Spotify and Songkick).


User Script and Chrome Extension that allows you to play your Shazams in Spotify, directly from the browser. Shazamify adds a small Spotify icon to every Shazam track page and allows you to play that track directly in Spotify.

Deliverance Improved

Little Node/Angular webapp that scraps the original website menu of and it shows it in a more functional way. It adds the possibility to filter, order and search in the menu.

To see a full list of my side projects go to


Degree in Computer Science @ Università degli studi dell'Insubria & Universidad de Salamanca.

Thesis on Assistive Technology - (sorry link in Italian).


I co-held a workshop about TDD in Javascript @ Università di Cesena.

I'm a Volunteer and occasionally collaborator of the Front-End Conference - From The Front.

I've a Cisco CCNA cetificate (Cisco Certified Network Associate).

I've a training certificate as Fire Marshal.


I like very much music, cinema and books. I like Art, expecially modern and 8-bit graphic (like old-school videogames), travel, languages. I’m also an active member of CouchSurfing community.


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My email address [email protected].

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